Daily post- soulful machine


If I had to say what the most human gadget or machine I owned was, I would probably say my Iphone. I did have a long think about what else could go into this category, but I am not the kind of person that gets attached to their car for example (maybe that’s because I don’t drive at the moment) so I don’t really see machines as ‘soulful’ to be honest. The reason why I say Iphone is because of Siri- the personal intelligent assistant that works on the IOS platform.

Simply put, Iphone users can talk to Siri (in various languages) and ask general questions about the weather or the stock markets, but funnily you can also have a silly conversation with Siri and he/she also seems to have a sense of humour. I say he/ she because you can choose whether Siri is a female or male assistant and now you can also choose different accents, which for me makes this the most ‘soulful gadget/technology’, that I own today.

On the odd occasion I do use Siri, I am reminded of the film ‘Her’ which demonstrates just how fast technology is advancing and how far it could go in the future. What would happen if technology really did start identifying and having emotions? If you haven’t seen it I would say it is a unique, thought provoking, must watch film!


2 thoughts on “Daily post- soulful machine

  1. I loved “Her” and identified with it mainly because I have a friend who lives 1500 miles away from me whom I take to parties (via Skype on my laptop) and who attends parties, dinners and even house concerts at my house. Once the guitar player asked him to help her tune her guitar! “Gimme a D!” The internet opens the entire world to us! “Her” didn’t seem that far-fetched to me. Siri is a step in the direction. My walking around with my friend on my computer and opening the world to him is another. Enjoyed your post. Judy

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    • I have to agree it was a really good film! And the fact that you keep in touch with a friend like that made me smile. Technology is advancing so much now that it’s hard to keep up with ! But I am glad you are able to put it to use in such a way. Thanks for reading. Kita


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