Daily post- soulful machine


If I had to say what the most human gadget or machine I owned was, I would probably say my Iphone. I did have a long think about what else could go into this category, but I am not the kind of person that gets attached to their car for example (maybe that’s because I don’t drive at the moment) so I don’t really see machines as ‘soulful’ to be honest. The reason why I say Iphone is because of Siri- the personal intelligent assistant that works on the IOS platform.

Simply put, Iphone users can talk to Siri (in various languages) and ask general questions about the weather or the stock markets, but funnily you can also have a silly conversation with Siri and he/she also seems to have a sense of humour. I say he/ she because you can choose whether Siri is a female or male assistant and now you can also choose different accents, which for me makes this the most ‘soulful gadget/technology’, that I own today.

On the odd occasion I do use Siri, I am reminded of the film ‘Her’ which demonstrates just how fast technology is advancing and how far it could go in the future. What would happen if technology really did start identifying and having emotions? If you haven’t seen it I would say it is a unique, thought provoking, must watch film!


Full Tanka – Blissful Thinking


‘If haiku is the sashimi of poetry, tanka is its heartier hand roll cousin.’

I am giving the Tanka writing challenge a go as I have a keen interest in the Japanese culture, and so this appealed to me straight away. This is my first tanka and I haven’t written poems in a long time so bear with me..

When sleep gets better
Hand fits like the perfect glove
Room full of people
Yet in unison as one
Entwined so effortlessly

Not a day without
Life would come to a standstill
A delicate soul
And the purest of all hearts
Soothing, loving, me.

Advantage of Foresight. You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, it at all?

As human beings we are constantly curious as to what kind of career we’ll have, how much money we’ll make, how long we’ll live for and and generally what the future holds for us. I remember being young and overhearing a conversation where one woman was telling another, about how a fortune teller had offered to tell her what age she was going to live until. With a horrified expression she described how she had completely refused the offer and had walked away.Me being a naive girl, I had sat and wondered to myself why you wouldn’t want to know, if someone with that kind of power knew when and how you were going to die.

Now that I am older I understand that you have to take fortune-tellers and horoscopes with a pinch of salt. They may or may not be accurate- I will never know. However, if I had the advantage of power myself, I would like to be humble and say I wouldn’t use it, but in reality money drives everything today. So I would use my power once to foresee winning lottery numbers, and once I am financially stable for the rest of my life, I would only use the power in times of crisis ( eg when it is a question of life and death for friends and family/ war taking place in the country etc.)

If there really was a power where people could predict the future, everyone would be so obsessed with knowing what was going to happen in the future that they would forget how to live for the present.